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How do you store in the bathroom; cupboards, racks and rails , post it then Tag it with #TP988

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Assignment #Tag Assignment task Date Task group List postion
# TP988 How do you store in the bathroom; cupboards, racks and rails 23-Jul-2014 Bathroom 989
# TP987 One word Tuesday: Sculpture 22-Jul-2014 One word Tueday 1218
# TP986 Colour my week: Violet 21-Jul-2014 Colour 1213
# TP985 Make a monochrome photograph today. Keep in mind that monochrome does not have to mean black and white. 20-Jul-2014 Technical Monochrome 1133
# TP984 Look for abstract shapes and designs today. Make a photo of a subject everyone has seen that's not easily recognizable. 19-Jul-2014 Environment Abstract 1124
# TP983 Wardrobes can be plain and mundane or decorative, brighten it up or show us your bedroom beauty (careful of reflections in the mirrors) 18-Jul-2014 Bedroom 988
# TP982 Find an object beginning with the letter 'G' for All Hallows 17-Jul-2014 Alphanumeric 1219

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