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Find an object beginning with the letter 'P', post it then Tag it with #TP898

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Assignment #Tag Assignment task Date Task group List postion
# TP898 Find an object beginning with the letter 'P' 24-Apr-2014 Alphanumeric 1189
# TP897 Sitting down 23-Apr-2014 Living room 954
# TP896 One word Tuesday: Quoted 22-Apr-2014 One Word 953
# TP895 Colour my week: Show us something that has faded from the original colour 21-Apr-2014 Colour 1186
# TP894 Many signs are immediately recognizable, but if you get in close you might find something new. Try it! 20-Apr-2014 Environment Signs 1138
# TP893 Make a sharp photo today any way you interpret it, either tack-sharp focus or a subject that is sharp itself. 19-Apr-2014 Technical Focus 1136
# TP892 Shinny or dull how does the kitchen sink look 18-Apr-2014 Kitchen 952

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